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Pokemon XY Update - Version 1.3 Patch

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Pokemon XY Update - Version 1.3 Patch

Post by Evolution Master on Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:15 pm

A new patch for Pokemon X and Y has been released, so be sure to download it whenever you can. Apparently there's some changes that have been overdue that are being fixed:

Following the release of the Version 1.3 patch last night, one of the small features that have been added has been confirmed. In addition to various bugfixes, such as a fix regarding Vivillon's image not properly appearing in Friend Safari's menus, the patch now fixes various special animations for when PokéBalls open on trying to capture a Pokémon or sending one in battle. Previously, these animations could be seen in battle, but not when you sent out your first Pokémon. Now, these will always appear when they are your first Pokémon sent in battle
Edit @ 16:18: Fixed the explanation. Apologies for the confusion

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