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Hyrule Warriors to Come With Massive Zelda eShop Sale in Europe

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Hyrule Warriors to Come With Massive Zelda eShop Sale in Europe

Post by Evolution Master on Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:44 pm

From the Smashboards:

Nintendo of Europe announced on Twitter earlier today that every Zelda game in the European eShop will be on sale at some point in the next three weeks. Not only that, but if players own one of the prior Zelda games in the series and it is connected to their Nintendo Network ID, digital buyers of Hyrule Warriors will get a 10% fan discount! This is an awesome promotion, and one that we can only hope comes to North America as well.

Wow, that's extremely lucky for you Europeans! Surprised If you manage to snag a copy of Hyrule Warriors, then be sure not to miss any of these big deals! Dang, I wish North America got this too. xD

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