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Hangman Rules

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Hangman Rules

Post by Ospreyeagle on Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:40 am

Guesses: Vowels can only be guessed on every 5th guess (so, the 5th guess, the 10th guess, etc). All other guesses must be consonants, with the exception that if there are no more un-guessed consonants in the clue, vowels can be guessed immediately. Likewise, if there are no un-guessed vowels in the clue, consonants can be guessed immediately.

Numbers can be guessed as well.

How Revamped Hangman works: This variation of Hangman works very much like the popular game show "The Wheel of Fortune". The way this game works is that the players participating will earn points from the amount of correct words they guess in the game. The amount of points earned will equal to posts you can win from the game if you guess the word correctly. A neat little twist, and certainly rewarding too!

Prizes: The winner may have a username change or a custom badge in their sig. They will also win post counts equal to the amount of points they earned per game. Sometimes the winner may win prizes for the RP!

Point Distribution (based on correct guesses):

Vowels (A, E, I, O, U) - 5 points

Rare letters (J, K, Q, V, X, Z) - 3 points

Common letters (rest) - 1 point

Correct word guess - 10 point bonus

Correct guess without guessing letters - 15 point bonus

You get points based on how many letters are in the HM; S is still 1, but since there 3, you get 3 points; therefore you now have 4 points.

The Change: in this version, the players ALL start off with zero points. If you get a letter right, you get the distributed point(s). If you get a letter wrong, you will lose points based off the distribution value they're given.

So if I guess the wrong value, I'd lose 5 points rather than gaining. Also values can go to the negative values, so be ready

Additionally, the winner gets to host the next round, if they choose to do so. However, if they do not do so within three days, they forfeit the right to do so, and anyone may start the next round.

Also, a person may look around Wikipedia for the answer, if need be.

Any name or word can be used, depending on the type of HM it is!


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