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My Fakemon/regions

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My Fakemon/regions

Post by Ospreyeagle on Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:20 am

A sampling:

Cerberuss - Cerberus Pokémon
Geomorphus - Roadrunner Pokémon
Flametross - Tinamou (that can fly, despite its name)
Fragmory - Iron heron

Sprite of Emau






Here's a map:

It took me forever and I realised I messed up on it.


Aviloss fossils are common:

Dennis's Staraptor:

National Pokémon: Merops. I still need to sprite it. But it looks like this:

It's based on the northern carmine bee-eater.

When you walk in Oriss, Pokémon have different types now!

* Cubone, Marowak: Bone type
* Gyarados: Water/Dragon type
* Noctowl: Psychic/Flying type
* Zangoose: Normal/Fighting type
* Glalie: Ice/Dark type
* Luxio, Luxray: Electric/Dark type
* Deoxys: Psychic/Steel type

Forgot what all I used...


Sawurott! This took almost an hour to create...

How I prefer my hybrids, to have a similar body shape...

+ = or

Layton and Luke as Pokemon XD

This was was quite hard to do...

Pikachu hybrids

Realistic Braviary (recoloured like an Osprey)

Realistic Articuo (recoloured like a Respledent Quetzal)

A fusion



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Looker is the best
Looker is the best

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Re: My Fakemon/regions

Post by Evolution Master on Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:01 am

Very creative designs Michelle, really do love your hybrids (that fusion of Samurott, Serperior, and Emboar still amazes me), but the art you made especially Dennis' Staraptor is still incredible to see! Unique artstyle indeed!

Great job and keep it up! Very Happy

Evolution Master
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